what's cooking...?

Omori's Oven is an unofficial OMORI cookbook zine filled with foods from and inspired by both Faraway Town and Headspace. Filled with delicious foods, beautiful art, and sweet snippets of dialogue, Omori's Oven is a zine you won't want to miss!This is a safe-for-work zine, though it may touch upon some of the game's darker themes. We are planning on having the zine be more lighthearted and bittersweet over sad or scary. However, a list of trigger warnings will be provided in the table of contents if necessary.Any and all profits made by this project will be donated to Action Against Hunger!

STATUS: Production!

frequently asked questions

Q: Is there an age limit for applicants?
A: You must be at least 16-years-old to apply to this zine. Additionally, since we are hoping to send all contributors (who would like one) a physical bundle, you must be comfortable sharing an address with us.

Q: Will you be shipping to the UK/EU?
A: YYes! We’ll be shipping to the UK and EU and orders can be placed on our BigCartel store.

Q: Are there any countries you are not shipping to?
A: Currently, we are shipping worldwide with no restrictions. However, due to events that we are unable to predict at this time, some packages may not be able to be immediately sent to customers. This includes countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and possibly other countries in the future. Our shipping mod is happy to hold onto packages until they are able to be sent, but we cannot say when we’ll be able to send them. The shipping mod is happy to share contact information so affected customers can stay in touch, and we are also happy to change the shipping address to a different location to be held onto by family or friends. When it comes time to ship, we’ll reach out to directed customers directly.

Q. Will there be OMORI spoilers in this zine?
A: There are references to the True Ending of OMORI within this zine!

Q: Will ships be allowed in this zine?
A: The only ships allowed in this zine will be canon ships.

Q: My question isn't here!
A: You can contact us through our CuriousCat, mention or DM on Twitter, send an ask on our Tumblr, send a DM to our Instagram, or email us at [email protected]. If you are a contributor with a question, you may also mention a moderator in the zine Discord server or DM one of us directly. We will answer all questions ASAP!


Interest CheckSeptember 1st - September 30th
Chef AppsOctober 4th - October 31st
Chef ResultsNovember 8th
Chef Acceptance DeadlineNovember 15th
Artist & Writer AppsDecember 1st - December 31st
Artist & Writer ResultsJanuary 15th
Artist & Writer Acceptance DeadlineJanuary 22nd
Check-in #1 (Idea Check-in)February 1st
Check-in #2February 28th
Check-in #3March 31st
Final Pieces DueApril 15th
Pre-OrdersApril 25th - June 13th
ProductionJune - August
ShippingAugust - September

Please note that all dates on this schedule are subject to change. These dates are approximated, especially due to shipping complications due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All schedule changes will be announced in both our zine Discord and on our social media.

contributor information


- All works must be original and created specifically for this zine. Previously posted works will not be accepted.
- If you need an extension for any of the Check-Ins, please ask a mod for one at your earliest possible convenience so we can make note of it.
> This goes double for the final due date!
- We will be using Discord for communication, so contributors must have a Discord.
- If you have to drop out of the zine, please contact a mod as soon as possible!
- Mods retain the right to dismiss a contributor at any time for breaking server or zine guidelines.


- Will contribute between four or five full recipes each.
> Each recipe must be tested by the chef before submission.
- Each recipe should have detailed instructions that our Chef Mod will evaluate, as well as all measurements for ingredients.
> If you are able to provide measurements in both metric units and US customary units, that would be fantastic, if not, the Chef Mod will convert the recipe.
- Please provide images of the cooking process and the final dish or drink for our artists to reference! If you are not able to take pictures for some reason, please let us know.


Cover Artist
- The cover artist will create the front and back cover for the zine, as well as the spine. Templates will be provided.
- Work must be 300 DPI and in CMYK.
- Size is to be determined.

Page Artist
- Page artists must submit a complete illustration with a background.
- Works must be 300 DPI and in CMYK.
- Size is to be determined
- Spreads/comics are limited and available on request/assignment.
- Templates will be provided.
- Page artists will draw a piece based on one of our recipes as well as the character(s) that the recipe is associated with! They may also do spot drawings for the recipe and fic pages of characters, utensils, the cooking process, or the final dish.
> All spot illustrations must be 300 DPI and in CMYK.
> More information on spot images will be given throughout the process!

Merch Artist
- Merch artists will design physical and/or digital merch, which will be assigned with their acceptance.
- Design specs and templates will be given with the merch assignment; applicants will be able to choose which merch they are interested in creating during the application process.
- Work must be 300 DPI and in CMYK.
- We will be assigning some merch artists to design art for stretch goals. These artists will also have either a guaranteed piece of merch or a page in the zine regardless of if we reach these goals or not.
> Please know that if you are assigned a stretch goal merch item, it may not be produced. If a stretch goal is not reached and not produced in any way, the artist has the rights to use the work in their own shop.


- Writers will write multiple short works, each of which will be assigned to one of the recipes.
- The pieces do not need to be completely about the recipe or the characters making it, but should reference or feature the recipe in some way.
> If a recipe is character specific, the writer may choose to focus more on that character than the food itself, though a mention of the food is still requested.
- Works must be edited and beta-ed before being submitted.
- After final submission, the writing mod will go through and do a final edit for spelling, grammar, formatting, et cetera.
- Word count is to be determined.

application information

General Guidelines

- We are looking for around 30 artists, 5 writers, and 5 chefs. This is subject to change.
- When linking files/portfolios in your application, such as a Google Folder or Document, please make sure that it is available for moderators to view. We may request access if we catch the mistake early enough, but we can not guarantee your portfolio will be evaluated if it is not accessible.
- If you accept a pinch hitter position, you acknowledge that you will have less time to work on your piece and will be able to work in a time crunch.


- Chefs must submit at least two complete recipes.
> Work-in-progress recipes are welcome to be placed in the chef's portfolio.
- Please include pictures of the completed recipe if possible.
- Chef portfolios should contain three complete recipes.
> Having a variety of recipe types in your portfolio (for example, a mix of appetizers, desserts, entrees, and drinks) is preferred, but not required.


Cover/Page Artist
- Must submit three works you feel best exemplify your work and style, and showcase the style you plan on using in the zine.
> OMORI characters are not required, but are preferred!
- At least one piece must have a detailed background. This does not include solid-colored backgrounds or simple graphical elements.
- A portfolio - such as a Google folder, a website, an art tag, or an art moment - is recommended but not required.
- We will be evaluating pieces based on anatomy, composition, and color.

Merch Artist
- Must submit three works you feel best exemplify your work and style.
> OMORI characters are not required, but are preferred!
> If you have merch samples available, please submit them.
- A portfolio - such as a Google Folder, a website, an art tag, or an art moment - is recommended but not required.
- We will be evaluating pieces based on anatomy, composition, and color, as well as how well we think your style will fit the merch items you showed interest in.


- Must submit three works that you feel best exemplify your work and style.
- All works must be under 2.5k words, but at least one piece should be under 1k words.
> This is because writers will be writing shorter, vignette style pieces for this zine. We understand that this is a very short word count to work with, and want to make sure you're able to tell a complete story or moment within a smaller word limit.
- One piece should be for OMORI, just so we can get a sense of how you write the characters and world.
- A portfolio, such as a Google Folder, a document, or an AO3 profile is optional. Please note that due to the amount of reading mods will have to do, we will not be able to read through many other fics, so make sure your three submissions are your best work.
- You may submit excerpts from a longer work so long as they are understandable to the reader without context.
- Please submit works that have been edited for grammar and spelling.
- We will be evaluating pieces based on characterization, flow, coherence, and engagement.

mod téa

organization, social media, writing

Téa is a recent college graduate who has modded over ten zines, including Silver Lining, which raised $2,000 for charity. They are also a zine contributor, having done cover art, page illustrations, merch, and fics. Other zine experiences can be seen listed on their carrd. Téa listened to Ronnie talk about OMORI for two hours over Discord and got hooked.

mod ronnie

organization, art

Ronnie is fairly new to the zine scene, but they are the art mod of Turnabout Prosecution and have experience with big bangs and other collaborations. They’ve been playing Omori over and over for a good many months, and are excited to shine a spotlight on the game's fun food!

mod teddy


Teddy is currently the head mod of Ace of Hearts: An Ojiro Aran Fanzine and Teyvat Sky, as well as a mod for several other events and zines. She spends much of her time staring at spreadsheets and balancing zine budgets (over and over and over again) in addition to her other modding roles. She originally got OMORI as a Christmas gift from a friend and has been obsessed with its engaging story ever since.

mod mai


Mai loves games and food, is rather skittish with horror (but strangely, loves OMORI and Mogeko Castle). They once sat down to watch Elder Scrolls lore videos and came out as a changed man. They've been active in zines since 2020.Mai is currently the graphics mod for Death's Final Dance, a Danganronpa Executions Fanzine, and did formatting for Girls Day Out, a celebration of Danganronpa's female characters.

mod meg


Meg is an avid lover of baked goods and horror games alike, and has been a fan of OMORI since seeing its Kickstarter campaign way back in 2015. They have been an active part of the zine community since 2020, most recently acting as the co-lead and writing mod for REVERIE: an OMORI zine. They’re insanely excited for this project as their entry into working as a chef mod, and can’t wait to see the game’s more inventive food items translated into real life!

mod mill


im just a silly little guy with my silly little interests working with some amazing people on a great project. nothing weird to see here!

mod efferful


Cozy blankets, kittens, and horror are the three pillars of Effers. She originally joined this zine as a spot that needed filling- until she learned what the game was and played through it in three days. Needless to say, she’s in love (and extremely traumatized). She has a decent amount of zine experience as a mod for the TF2021: Team Fortress 2 Fan Calendar, and a contributor to Fantastic Florals, SoMa: 5 Years Later, Resbang 2018 & 2019 fanzines, and more! She has done freelance art and design for several years.

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